Acadia National Park
Take a date to explore the oldest National Park of the eastern United States.

When you are in the Maine area and you want to head to an incredible park with some single Christian friends or a new date, visit Acadia National Park. The mountains, prairie and shoreline make this park such a unique and diverse place to visit, with so many different types of vegetation and topographical elements to explore. Around 40 species of mammals live at the park so you are bound to... Read More

Arches National Park
Marvel at the wonder of the natural sandstone sculptures at the Arches National Park.

This National Monument turned National Park includes over 2000 different arches as testament to the gloriousness of God’s creations. While every visitor is banned from climbing these lovely arches to help protect them, you can climb other features as the park if you wish. You can also backpack through the park or drive through it for a tour, as well as bike or camp there overnight. Check to... Read More

National Park of American Samoa
Connect with spiritual singles in this gorgeous place of tropical wonder and beauty.

Three different islands make up the National Park of American Samoa, and it’s like entering another world when you visit to see the rainforest, protected coral reefs and other flora and fauna in the park. Embrace the Samoan culture as you and your Christian single friends hike, snorkel and explore the entire islands of paradise, and rejoice in nature as you lift your spirit and get closer to... Read More

Badlands National Park
When you’re in South Dakota, be sure to visit this wondrous miracle park and share it with friends.

You’ve probably heard of the Badlands in South Dakota, but have you ever witness the extraordinary buttes that make up this vast array of stark beauty in the west? It’s also the home of the most endangered mammal in North America, the black-footed ferret. You can hunt for fossils, explore the rich history of Native Americans who live in the area, and simply marvel at the wonders of creation... Read More

Big Bend National Park
What better place is there for a perfect first date than in the glory of nature?

Big Bend National Park is the largest protected area in the state of Texas. You and your fellow single friends can explore and view the wondrous array of nature found in the park, from 1200 plant species to 56 different types of reptiles. It’s one of the least visited parks in North America, however, so you should have plenty of room to explore with your group. You can get a tour of the river... Read More

Biscayne National Park
Celebrate your faith together under God’s glorious sky during a perfect sunset.

One of the most beautiful parks to meet up at in the state of Florida is Biscayne National Park. You can enjoy nature with other Christian singles in safe groups as you go scuba diving, snorkeling and take part in so many other activities. Start up a potluck and ask your other single friends to each bring a dish, then meet up at the park to eat and spend the day together. Explore the mangrove... Read More

J. Christian's
This American food restaurant features lunch, dinner and dessert menus.

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Cook Out
This drive-thru is a Christian-themed restaurant.

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This restaurant rose from the rubble of a New Orleans disaster into a sign of hope.

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Floyd's Christian Restaurant
This Corpus Christi restaurant is affordable and family-friendly.

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