Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Take a walk with your loved one across this amazing bridge

Another one of those places that has been voted as a top romantic attraction, the Golden Gate Bridge may not be a place to sit and have dinner, but a walk across it can still be a perfect way for couples in or near the city to spend a few... Read More

Niagara Falls
Take a day out to see one of the most romantic places in the country

Considered to be one of the most romantic places in the U.S., Niagara Falls also happens to be the oldest state park in the country.  This collection of three massive waterfalls has long been a romantic getaway spot and a popular place for weddings and anniversaries, but it’s just as easy for you... Read More

Grafton, Vermont
A picturesque village in the New England countryside

About half-way between the big cities of Pittsburgh and Boston is the quaint historic town of Grafton, Vermont.  Considered by many to be one of New England’s most beautiful towns, a visit can be a great way for couples to get rid of... Read More

Day Cruise on the Mississippi River
Take a relaxing float down this legendary body of water

It’s one of the things that everyone should have on their bucket list - taking a cruise down the Mississippi River.  If you live anywhere near the lengthy expanse of this legendary body of water, it’s just a short jaunt and there are plenty of places that cater to this type of day trip.  Usually the cruises take place on steam or paddle boats and feature entertainment that... Read More

Navy Pier, Chicago
Spend a day or a night seeing the many sites of this popular Chicago attraction

Voted as one of the most romantic places in the United States, Navy Pier is right on the banks of Lake Michigan and offers an endless array of sites, sounds and attractions for couples to enjoy during a day out.  This 50-acre collection of parks, shops, restaurants, gardens and more features hundreds of events, most of them free to partake of.  Theater... Read More

Inn on Charlotte, St. Augustine, Florida
A beautiful accommodation in one truly romantic city

The Inn on Charlotte is a bed and breakfast that attempts to cater to the feel of the city of St. Augustine and its long history.  Filled with antiques and reproductions, the inn has an atmosphere that is cozy and comfortable.  And both the city and this bed and breakfast are very... Read More

Hotel Campo de Fiori, Rome
Simple and gorgeous elegance in the heart of Rome

The Hotel Campo de Fiori, located in the heart of Rome, is the very definition of beauty and relaxation.  It has a distinctively regal Italian design, from its vine-covered exterior to the flooring, furniture and decorations.  This is a romantic and amazing hotel that displays a wealth of charm and makes for a brilliant... Read More

Mamilla Hotel, Jerusalem
Total luxury while visiting this historically important city

Jerusalem is one vacation destination that everyone should get a chance to see.  It can even be quite the romantic getaway for those that enjoy the culture and history.  The Mamilla Hotel is one way to see the city and its many attractions while not sacrificing a little luxury.  The building is designed in a contemporary style that is... Read More

Portofino Bay Hotel - Orlando, Florida
Theme park heaven, check out both Universal Orlando and the Holyland Experience

The Portofino Bay Hotel is located right at Universal Orlando, situated, as the name suggests, on the bay.  The name of the hotel reflects its Italian theme, and staying at the Portofino promises a fun vacation for couples that like a little adventure during their romantic outing.  While you can always check out the... Read More

Malmaison Oxford Castle - Oxford, England
A unique hotel for couples that prefer a different kind of vacation

The MalmaisonOxfordCastle is a great old hotel that has the unique distinction of being a converted gaol.  It has since been renovated to serve guests that are actually giving their consent, however, so there’s no need to worry about being locked in.  The... Read More