The Twisted Tail
For great blues and drinks in Philly

The Twisted Tail is a cool little pub and blues bar that aims to please its customers no matter what they need.  With a selection of great food and a full bar, you’ll quickly understand why this place has been rated as one of the top blues bars in North America.  Kick back and have a beer or a cocktail and listen to live music.  Chat... Read More

Clive’s Classic Cocktail Lounge
For great cocktails in Victoria, BC

If you happen to be in Victoria, British Columbia any time soon, do yourself a favor and stop by downtown to visit Clive’s Classic Cocktail Lounge.  This charming little lounge has a comfortable speakeasy atmosphere with bartenders that know how to turn out a great cocktail.  And with a full menu from... Read More

Hiking to Metok in Tibet
Explore this hidden hiking gem in China

If you want a great hiking adventure in the Tibetan region of China, make your way to the small village of Metok by pressing through the surrounding landscape.  Explore the rainforests of the region as you make your way up and... Read More

Elephant Village in Laos
Ride an elephant and help support their preservation

If you happen to be taking a journey to Laos in the near future, make sure to stop by Elephant Village in Louangphabang for a fun elephant riding adventure.  In addition to being able to travel around on the back of one these magnificent beasts... Read More

Hiking the Canadian Rockies
For some of the best trails in Canada

Whether you’re just a beginner or a hardcore hiking enthusiast, one excellent place to have an adventure with your loved one are the trails of the Canadian Rockies.  You can plan yourself a route and wander or, if you feel like a little more structure, there are plenty of skilled guides available to steer you the best sites.  Enjoy the forests... Read More

Explore the Volcanoes of Central America
A unique and adventurous way to see this land

If you want to take a trek across Central America but want something unique to focus on while you make your journey, consider taking a volcano-centric tour of this land.  One such tour gives you an amazing three weeks to see these natural wonders as well as exploring the many... Read More

Cycling Across Borneo
Pedal your way across this breathtaking land

Borneo is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the entire world and one of the best ways to see it is to take an exciting cycling trip across the region.  Explore the highest mountain in Southeast Asia.  Stop off at the coast and break up the ride with some diving.  Or take a river journey to add something a little more relaxing... Read More

Vermont Teddy Bear
A furry friend for your someone special

For a gift that’s a little bit different, consider checking out Vermont Teddy Bear and getting your loved one a furry friend.  With a lifetime guarantee, no matter what happens to the bear the company will fix it up and make sure that you have it back in a timely manner.  Teddy bears are a fun gift that last much longer than chocolates or flowers... Read More

Gourmet Gift Baskets
A huge variety of great gifts at this online store

For those that want to put together a gift for the one they love but don’t want to stick to the same old routine of flowers and chocolates, check out Gourmet Gift Baskets at their online site.  They have an amazing selection of various things that you can use to craft your own unique gift basket or you can choose from one of many already... Read More

FTD - Flowers
For fast and convenient flower service

One of the best known flower delivery companies in the world, FTD offers an easy way to get a beautiful gift to that someone special, no matter where they might be in the world.  Working with many other florists to provide maximum coverage, you can order what you want and be sure that it will arrive when you need it to.  Ordering is easy online and they... Read More