The Resort at Paws Up
For a luxury getaway at a Montana cattle ranch

For a truly unique couple’s getaway, take a trip just outside of Missoula, Montana to the ranch resort known as The Resort at Paws Up.  This amazing and romantic resort lets you pick just how rustic you want your weekend out to be.  You can camp out in one of their tents or stay in the main lodge.  Head out to have... Read More

Hop Sing Laundromat, Philadelphia, PA
A beautiful speakeasy with top-notch cocktails

If you’re in the Philadelphia area and looking for someplace quiet, relaxed and classy to sit down and have a drink or two, check out one of the city’s best speakeasy lounges - Hop Sing Laundromat.  Though the name may sound a bit strange, the reality of Hop Sing is that the owners put it together with the intention of crafting the best cocktails... Read More

Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware
Explore the beauty of this Delaware beach park

One of Delaware’s most famous of state parks, CapeHenlopen is a wonderful place for couples that wish to get out and have a nice walk along the beach.  Take in the beautiful scenery of this region by taking a stroll, or sign up for a guided full-moon beach... Read More

Betsy & Iya, Portland
For a great selection of unique, handmade jewelry

Betsy and Iya is a relatively new jewelry store, but one that has been making waves and gathering up quite the following of loyal customers.  The big appeal behind this shop is that their selection consists entirely of handmade jewelry that they craft themselves or put on display for other independent jewelry makers.  You won’t find diamond rings and such... Read More

Mugaritz, Spain
Basque dining at one of the world’s most renowned restaurants

Its location may be a bit remote for easy access, but if you’re looking to find some of the absolute best Basque food, Mugaritz is the place to go.  For those on a vacation in Spain, this is a perfect place for a date if you want to experience something different.  You’ll pay a bit more, but the multi-award-... Read More

Franconia Notch State Park
Enjoy the amazing natural beauty of New Hampshire

For those in the New Hampshire area that happen to be looking for an amazing spot to spend a little time in nature, check out FranconiaNotchState Park.  This place is renowned for its great climbing... Read More

RIM Café
For some amazing chocolate in Philadelphia

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, RIM Café is a great spot to check out whether you’re looking for a gift of chocolaty goodness or want to bring your someone special along and taste what this amazing chocolatier has to offer first-hand.  With its humble origins in Italy, the owner of RIM Café since grew to... Read More

Le Louis XV, Monte Carlo
For an amazing dining experience in Monaco

Located within the already elegant Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, the award-winning Le Louis XV is the very definition of class and grace.  The atmosphere and décor are like something out of a painting and you’ll quickly find yourself lost in its grandeur.  The food is pricey, but you get what you pay for and what you... Read More

The Ledbury, London
Award-winning food and a stylish ambiance

Put together by one of the most promising young chefs of our time, The Ledbury has proven time and again that it deserves the great reputation it has acquired over the years.  With an amazing menu of European cuisine and an atmosphere that is all class, you can instantly recognize that you’re eating in one of the best restaurants in London... Read More

Vetri, Philadelphia
For ultra-fancy Italian dining

Voted in as one of the top restaurants in America and boasting an award-winning chef, Vetri is an amazing Italian place that, if you happen to be in the Philadelphia area, you should swing by and visit at least once.  Sure, you’ll be paying quite a bit more than you will at your typical fancy restaurant... Read More