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Christian Meetup
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Christian Singles Fun Events
There are karaoke events, dances, cruises, bowling, hikes, volleyball, movies and so many more things to choose from.

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Christian Singles Fun Events
This is a hub of information for Christian singles includes a plethora of activities to choose from.

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Club D-MASK-Us - Lee's Summit, MO
Love God and find a new partner to love, too!

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Christian Night Club - Reno, NV
A safe place to meet Christian singles who share your values.

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The Saintuary - Atlanta, GA
Nightclub for Christians (it can be mobile, too!)

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Club Jubilee - Atlanta, GA
Where Christ is king - and so are the single men!

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Exodus - Wentzville MO
A new christian bar for singles to meet!

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C-Room Gospel Cafe - Atlanta, GA
Christian bar where artist, comedians, and singles meet for drinks under Gods eyes.

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