Christian singles day trips
One-day trips for Christians

If you are a Christian looking for a day trip, there are a lot of specialty tours available. Here are our three top picks for Christian day trips.

Christian Tours of Jerusalem

This outfit offers one-day Christian tours of Jerusalem that start from any point in Israel, the Sinai, and other locations.... Read More

Dating as a Christian single
Finding the right place for you

Dating can be hard for Christian singles. It's so hard to find someone who holds the same values as you do, and once you find them, you don't want to turn them off by making the wrong move. Going to a movie can be a risk - movies are so explicit these days. Try one of these for a date instead:

1. A museum
Museums are a great place to stroll around and get to know... Read More

Tria, Philadelphia
For lovers of wine, beer and gourmet cheeses

Located right in the middle of the city of Philadelphia, Tria is an amazing restaurant and bar for lovers of good wine and beer.  They don’t serve up your typical menu of burgers and fries, however, instead choosing to offer cheese and other items that compliment the drink.  Their selection of wine and beer is excellent, a constantly rotating... Read More

Askinosie Chocolate, Springfield, MO
High-quality treats using only the best ingredients

If you’re in the Springfield area and in the market for a chocolate gift that will surely impress, stop by Askinosie Chocolate.  Using only the best ingredients from carefully selected suppliers, they produce a quality product that is a step above other chocolate factories.  Whether you’re looking for a treat for yourself or want to buy an... Read More

FilmBar, Phoenix
Have a few beers with your movie

Right in the middle of the big city of Phoenix is a great drinking spot where you can sit down and enjoy a movie as well.  FilmBar offers up a standard bar where you can have a few drinks while you wait for your movie to start up.  Better yet, you get to bring your beer along with you once the movie does get going.  And the films they... Read More

Echelon Florist & Gifts, Knoxville, TN
A bit of a drive, but worth the trip

Though it’s located way on the outskirts of the city, if you’re in Knoxville and need an excellent floral arrangement, take the trip to Echelon Florist and Gifts.  They offer services that range from simple decoration to elaborate bouquets to full-scale party planning.  And they also offer a variety of other gifts, so you can spice up... Read More

Deschutes Brewery & Public House, Portland
Stop by this Oregon legend of craft beer

If you happen to be in the Portland area anytime soon, don’t pass up the opportunity to stop by one of the best craft breweries in the States.  Deschutes Brewery and Public House is a perfect place to spend an evening, sampling the excellent recipes of this award-winning brewery and getting something to eat as well... Read More

Orange Beach, Alabama
Another amazing Gulf Coast beach destination

On the southern coast of Alabama, just a short ways east of New Orleans, is the great little town of OrangeBeach.  For couples wanting to spend some time out in the sun, this is one spot to consider.  The beaches here are clean and... Read More

Madrid, Spain
Explore the past and the present of this spectacular Spanish capital

Madrid, the long-standing capital of Spain, is one of the most culturally and historically rich cities in the country and is a perfect vacation destination for couples that wish to truly explore this land.  Warm in the summer and cool in the winter, it’s a great place to visit no matter the time... Read More

Lake Arrowhead, California
Journey to this little bit of paradise by the lake

One of California’s biggest and best resort towns, LakeArrowhead is an amazing place to spend some romantic time with that someone special.  Located conveniently close to bigger cities, it’s easy to find your way there and once you arrive you won’t be disappointed.  The... Read More