Take a trip to this splendid Australian metropolis

Melbourne, Australia

For a great romantic getaway in one of Australia’s most amazing cities, consider taking a trip down to Melbourne.  A bastion of Australian culture, you can experience everything from top-notch entertainment to high-class restaurants to some truly luxurious hotels and spas.  Explore the city’s gardens, visit the many historic and cultural sites or take a wine tour, sampling some of the country’s best.  You can even see the city from a hot air balloon if you want, floating over the beauty that is this metropolis.  With so much to do, it’s easy to stay a week or even two trying to fit everything in.  One thing is for certain, a visit to Melbourne is something that will create lasting memories.  Has anyone been to Melbourne before?  What were some of your favorite things to do and see there?


Photo courtesy of HjalmarGerbig via Wikicommons