One-day trips for Christians

Christian singles day trips

If you are a Christian looking for a day trip, there are a lot of specialty tours available. Here are our three top picks for Christian day trips.

Christian Tours of Jerusalem

This outfit offers one-day Christian tours of Jerusalem that start from any point in Israel, the Sinai, and other locations. Popular with first-time travelers, they give you an amazing guided tour of places like Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Galilee.

Christian Tours of London

These guided day tours take you around the amazing churches of London, with a focus on the religious significance and history of the locations. As well as walking tours that cover the history of various Christian reformers who worked and lived in Great Britain, and other historical tours of the area.

Christian Rome tour

This tour of Rome focuses on the Christian history of this incredible city, from its amazing churches to locations visited by the saints and apostles, and featuring all of the gorgeous piazzas and museums along the way. 

Image courtesy Flickr/Premasagar Rose