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takingnotes: That might be a little awkward. #Singles #takingnotes 10 min 56 sec ago

At least it hasn't degenerated into the realm of porn movies. #Singles #takingnotes

11 min 5 sec ago

Sounds about right, actually. #Singles #loveactually

20 min 15 sec ago

Tis the way of the Internet. #Singles #takingnotes

31 min 39 sec ago

From movies to underwear. #Singles #takingnotes

31 min 44 sec ago

I forget what I had said. Something dumb about underwear, I think. #Singles #loveactually

52 min 11 sec ago

It is eating my brilliant shouts, so sad, the ages will suffer for their loss. #Singles #loveactually

52 min 28 sec ago

silly shout wall #Singles #takingnotes

55 min 21 sec ago

okay, fixed again #Singles #takingnotes

55 min 31 sec ago

broken! #Singles #takingnotes

56 min 21 sec ago


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